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[icon] I want you to know that I miss you, I miss you so.
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Subject:x a letter to you x
Time:10:27 pm
Current Mood:blankblank
dear aunt linda,

im sorry im a dissapointment to you. i wrote some really mean stuff in my journal about you when ur one of the people who cares and does the most for me. i dont know much else of what to say except i hate myself for what i do to you, and i wish i could take it all back. like i told you, those things i said were what i was feeling at the moment. everyone gets upset and says things they dont mean. im sorry and i hope that u will let me continue to live with you. i love you.

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Subject:x update x
Time:02:59 pm
Current Mood:infuriatedinfuriated
just so all of you know, im making my journal friends only now because a person has been reading my journal, a person that needs to stay out of my business and stop reading my personal journal thats meant for my friends...im rant more in my actual journal.

p.s. if u wanna be added to my friends list just leave a comment <3
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Subject:x i hope this works x
Time:12:26 am
Current Mood:awakeawake
ive tried this a couple times. heres where im gonna keep my pics now. send me yours or die!


*i made more albums*


go here to check out all the albums!
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Subject:x let today be a good one x
Time:07:10 am
Current Mood:contentcontent
so today= hang out with ms. megan and mr. brent. i hope i dont have to work cause that doesnt give me much time and i just dont feel like working. were gonna go up to the mall. friday im gonna go to the mr. wright competition, ill probably bring janae and brent is gonna maybe go which is cool.

i might get to see brian saturday which is cool. and sunday im gonna go to get a bite to eat and see a movie with my aunt and get some time in with you cool pal mr. geary. i cant wait to talk to him, cause he really understands.

well its time for me to venture off to that place they call school. have a wonderful day everyone. <3

for fun fill out these questions as a comment:

1) tell me one thing i dont know about you.
2) if we could sing a song together, what song would we sing?
3) do u like lucky charms? if not what planet are you from?
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Subject:x pictures x
Time:11:02 pm
Current Mood:accomplishedaccomplished
i made a friends page, most of them are funny, ill add more, id appreciate if ALL of you guys would send me oodles of pictures of you. <3 ill buy u candy and sell myself to you!


p.s. u can post them as a comment or contact me on aim. either way u do it i must insist u do do it eventually. it means a lot to me! oh or u can email me at xgodxsavedxme@yahoo.com
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Current Music:silverstein~smashed into pieces
Subject:x im such a loser x
Time:08:15 pm
Current Mood:workingworking
i am at work. really bored. and im probably gonna update again in less than 40 minutes when i get home. haha im such a loser. i have lots i wanna say, but i gotta wait till i get homey womey!

you guys are hot! all of you! im gonna post some pictures soon once i receive them. <3 woohoo for pictures.
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Subject:x here we go x
Time:02:56 pm
Current Mood:relaxedrelaxed
a couple of my plans have changed so i gotta rearrange my schedule. let see.
updated scheduleCollapse )

im excited cause i got some things i really wanna do coming up.

1) get to help brent out and get some new clothes
2) hang out with ms. megahanananan more
3) hang out with awesome mr. geary and have a nice long talk

and so much more. im happy, truly happy.

fill this out and ill love you foreverCollapse )
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Subject:x this week, oh yeah x
Time:06:55 am
Current Mood:dorkydorky
im getting a craving again for delicious lucky charms. they are yummy so i can eat them for breakfast or whenever i please. this week should be pretty cool. im trying to fill up my schedule with hanging out with different people. i have so many cool friends that i never hang out with so talk to me on aim and we should hang out.

monday~ school then i might go the gym and then i got work 5-9

tuesday~school then go to the gym if i cant find a friend to hang out with and i might have to work

wednesday~ school then gym or hang out with friend if i can find one to hang out then work 5-9

thursday~ school then hopefully hang out with brent then im getting some stupid academic award or something so i gotta get all dressed up. eww.

friday~ school then church i guess

saturday~ taking the sat in the morning, i might work a halfday at work. then i think im supposed to spend the weekend with my aunt reba because her husband is always on "travel" so i wanna keep her company this time. so i dont know what her and i might do on saturday night

sunday~ church then who knows.

hopefully ill find some friends to hang out with, if not then me and the gym will have lots of fun. <3
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Subject:x REDEMPTION! x
Time:09:13 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
hey yeah. today was fun. met up with geary and matt at the library and helped geary get some of his crap done. hes a fun fellow to be around <3 and mr. matt is pretty funny especially when he draws people. that was cool. then i met elly and amanda up at the mall and bought two breadsticks. im a big spender. then we sailed on over to brents and hung out. amanda left early and brent got down about that. and it was difficult cause the whole third wheel situation. we had fun though.

im glad i know so many cool people. i thank u all. ur all blessing in my life.
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Subject:x lets just hope x
Time:12:08 pm
Current Mood:hopefulhopeful
so today should be fun. i get the pleasure of helping mr. geary with his hw again. then im hanging out with mr. brent, mr. brian, ms. amanda, and ms. ely.

lets hope today makes me smile.
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[icon] I want you to know that I miss you, I miss you so.
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You're looking at the latest 10 entries.
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