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I want you to know that I miss you, I miss you so.

I want to wake up one morning to the comfort of your arms.

21 July
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so i thought when i felt like it i would actually write some stuff about me in here.

i would be ms. katheryn. i am gonna be 17 in july. hmm...i like lots of things which u can read in my interests sections. mr. brian is pretty dern cool.

im lucky to have such great friends so for now im gonna give a few "shout-outs" as u kids like to call them.

God~ hey havent talked to you in awhile but i miss you and stuff. hope to get to talk to you soon
brian~ your an awesome fella, im glad i know you <3
amanda~ your a slut, but i love you.
brent~ i like your big truck and your grandma
geary~ your freaking awesome pal. and of course your just mr. cool now arent you.
mr. jon lyon~i miss our great long funny talks, your really cool.
andrea~ good times at cmw im gonna miss ya when u leave.
megan~ your mad hott. and were gonna have real bodies by the end of this school year. hells yeah!
matt (geary's roommate)~ dont know u all that well but ur a real nice kid. you got lots of greatness in you and really could make great change in this world.
clinton~ hey pal, i love talking with you and just spending time with ya and stuff. <3

and theres lots more, but thats about everyone who reads my journal that ive met in person or talked to extensively.

my room smells like furniture polish.
and im starting to see that i have abs!

dory is my role model.